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First vs Second Fix Timber: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’ve just bought a home and you’re starting renovations, or you’re giving your older home a refresh, you probably need a specialist for wood restoration. There are structural elements that need attention as well as decorative ones that begin to wear over time. If you have tired or damaged woodwork, you’re either going to need restorations for first or second fix timbers – but what do these terms actually mean? In this post, we’ll break it down so you know what services to book in Alcester.

First fix timbers

The first fix timber refers to the structural elements of a home. Restoration work on this is done before plastering takes place and will include work on roof struts, door frames, and floor joists.

If you’re undergoing an extensive renovation project, you might be taking down walls or replastering. In the process, it’s common to find damage to timber that needs addressing before further work can continue.

Without this important restoration, you risk encountering more serious problems that will be costly to fix in years to come.

Second fix restorations

Second fix is the second stage of the build process and refers to all the work that takes place after plastering. Elements include architrave, window boards, floorboards, skirting, staircases, etc.

Older homes in particular tend to have a lot of decorative wood that can become chipped, scratched, or tired over time. As part of any renovation project, it’s important to hire a specialist to restore the second fix timber and bring it back to life.

You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make to the overall look and feel of a room when the trims and wood elements are fresh and new-looking.

Your specialist in timber restoration in Alcester

If you’re renovating a home and you’re in need of a wood restorer for either first or second fix timber, I can help.

I am a leading expert in timber restoration and polishing in the West Midlands and have over two decades of experience. I can repair and restore timber for both residential and commercial projects and make it look new.

I also provide a professional polishing service that can bring tired, dull timber back to life. This is the perfect service for staircases, floorboards, beams, and other architectural elements.

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