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What is Traditional French Polishing & Why Choose It?

If you have wood furniture or architecture in your home, it needs ongoing maintenance to look its best. Many homeowners in Alcester choose traditional French polishing for its fantastic results and quality finish. If your wood furniture is looking a little tired or dull, this post will show you what French polishing is and why you should choose it for your furniture.

What is French polishing?

This unique technique of polishing wood dates back to the 15th century. It provides wood surfaces with a high gloss finish that can’t be beaten by other methods. Dark woods look rich and luxurious, and it works particularly well on mahogany, walnut, and rosewood.

French polishing can be used on a variety of services, including floors, staircases, furniture, architectural elements, even musical instruments.

It removes scratches, watermarks, dents, and gouges and makes and wood surface look new.

The process of French polishing

The polish is a mixture of specialist Shellac resin and alcohol. Using a polish mop or fad (which is a pad of wadding wrapped in cotton), the polish is applied in coats to the wood.

The first coat is applied with the grain of the wood, and once dry, it’s sanded back using a fine abrasive paper. A polish rubber is then used to apply additional light coats in a figure of eight.

The result is a long-lasting, durable finish with no scratches, marks, or dents. You’ll have a high shine that makes your furniture look brand new.

A variety of colours

There is a range of different colours available, and it is possible to create custom colours if you’re looking for something very specific. Some of the most popular colours include:

  • Button polish (yellow)
  • Garnet (brown)
  • Orange (golden brown)
  • White (milky/transparent)
  • Clear

Why choose French polishing?

When applied by a skilled professional, French polish gives a smooth, mirror-like finish that cannot be beaten. Even very scratched wood will look new with no imperfections, dents, or scratches.

Although it’s a more time-consuming process than varnish or lacquer, it’s also significantly more long-lasting and gives a much more professional finish. What’s more, any subsequent damage is easy to repair.

It also creates very little dust or mess to apply, so it’s safe to apply in your home and will cause minimal disruption. Shellac is also non-toxic so you won’t be left with an overpowering smell that causes headaches.

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