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residential timber restoration

What’s Involved in Residential Timber Restoration?

Wood features of any kind in a home add character and make the property feel unique. Whether you have solid wood beams, a gorgeous architrave, or a wood-clad wall, it’s a key feature that needs to be maintained to the highest standard. If you’ve ever wondered what’s involved in the process of residential timber restoration in Alcester, this post will give you everything you need to know.

Residential timber restoration

Timber features in a home are often caked in layers of paint from less than sympathetic previous owners. If this is the case, a unique soft-blasting system is required to gently remove the paint or stain deposits without damaging the wood underneath.

On the other hand, some wood features aren’t coated in paint but do have damage from years of wear and tear. Chips, cracks, dents, and gouges can all be restored using professional wood fillers and a keen eye for detail.

Either way, the result is a flawless, smooth finish that is ready for polish or varnish.

At Dovetail Polishing, I believe in polishing wood after restoration to preserve it and keep it looking its best. A professional polishing service will make your wood shine and restore it to the feature it should be.

Wood beam restoration

Wood beams are an enviable feature in any home or building, and they’re actually being added to homes to inject character into newer properties.

Many commercial properties have oak A-frames, whereas homes have timber beams and framing. Both can be carefully restored in the same way as any other timber element.

Using traditional, tried-and-tested techniques, I can carefully restore wood beams and make them look new. You can head to my gallery page to see many of my previous projects – both residential and commercial.

Whether your beams are suffering from damage, rot, or neglect, I have the equipment and skills to return them to their original glory.

Exterior wood restoration

It’s not just the interior of homes that need timber restoration. Exterior often have extensive wood elements that need specialist attention since they’re exposed to the elements.

If your house has timber framing, a wood entrance, or you simply have solid wood furniture in your garden, it can all be carefully restored and transformed.

Again, special techniques are used to remove unwanted paints and varnishes that inevitably build up over time, and a fresh coat of polish or varnish is applied to protect the wood and make it last much longer.

Looking for timber restoration in Alcester?

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